Saturday, November 4, 2017

Luna Loves Library Day

Luna Loves Library Day
written by Joseph Coelho; illustrated by Fiona Lumbers
2017 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Dad knows how to disappear. Luna wants to learn how to bring him back.

Luna is super excited about library day. She has all of her things together. Mom drops her off as Dad is waiting inside reading a book. First stop is the big book area where they find a fascinating book of unexplained mysteries. Next, a book about insects, not Dad's favorite, goes into the library bag. How about a book of magic tricks? Dad is really good at magic. He can make coins come from Luna's ears. Luna also notices that Dad "knows how to disappear." Here's where you want to stop reading for a second and see if any students notice what is happening. Use the illustration to see if any young readers can infer that something deeper is going on. Finally, Luna finds a fairy tale that she and Dad can read as they settle in a big comfy chair. In the story, the Troll King and the Mermaid Queen both deeply love their daughter, but can't seem to like each other. In the end, the Troll King hugs his daughter before departing. And Luna hugs her dad before finishing library day and seeing him off.

Expecting a story about loving the library, I was surprised when this became much more. Luna loves library day because she loves books and the library, but also because it's quality time with her Dad. It's a great opportunity for teachers to practice drawing conclusions from the illustrations and working on inferring. This is a sweet, upbeat story about a tough situation. Many students will be able to make a connection and it allows a teacher or counselor to address a difficult topic.

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