Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Weird but True Daily Planner

Weird but True Daily Planner
2017 (National Geographic Kids)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

New York City is using 5,000 old toilets to build underwater beds in the Hudson River for oysters, which will help clean the water.

With the start of the school year upon us, you will want your student to be organized. Weirdly organized. This planner will keep things strange for 365 days. What other planner will ask you to record how you smell? As you write down your plans, you will encounter eccentric facts. Each spread in the spiral bound notebook contains 4 days with plenty of lined room to take notes. Accompanying the entries are facts like glass frogs having green bones. Guess which month contains that fact? The nice thing about these facts that the creators are strategic in placing them. Take a Hike Day is November 17th. So it's appropriate that you get a fact about Mount Everest still growing every year.  In addition to the facts, there are opportunities for goal setting at the beginning of each month. You can also use your creativity to answer fun writing prompts. With December being National Read a New Book month, there's a prompt that asks for a wacky book title and plot. Another 4 day spread celebrates animal names with a smack of jellyfish and a squabble of seagulls being featured. Planners are asked to write a wacky group name for their friends. I might go with the Blustering Bloggers. More information is included in the back of the planner with Homework Help. It starts with a colorful world map complete with oddball facts from around the world. A section on how to read maps follows. Tips on how to discern true information from fake news is very helpful in these times. Want help with writing a report? Check out the Steps to Success which will guide you through writing a model essay with an example spotlighting naked mole rats. I can't make this stuff up. Help in science surfaces with a lesson on categorizing animals. The last set of tips will boost your confidence with advice on how to keep your cool for an oral report. Finishing off the planner is a set of charts on distance, volume, weight, and multiplication.

Every student in grades 3 and up can use a planner. Why not equip them with something that is fun and provides helpful information? This comical calendar is just the start to a great school year.

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