Thursday, May 25, 2017

Grant Wiggins: Learning About Learning From Soccer

written by Grant Wiggins
2011 (Granted, and...)

Purposeful and effective performance thus requires three things: knowing what the bottom-line long-term purpose is, knowing ways of achieving the purpose, and knowing how to self-assess and self-adjust to achieve a purpose. This is how autonomous excellence is achieved – in any arena. Otherwise you get aimless running around and questions like “Is this ok? Is this what you want?”

I like a good sports analogy and boy, did Grant Wiggins serve up a doozie with this blog post. He compared coaching soccer with coaching learners. He talked about giving players a purpose,  how you need to give them an opportunity to practice in a game-like situation and how this links to working with learners. Click on the link above for a good dose of knowledge from the late maestro of design. 

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