Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Brobot Bedtime

Brobot Bedtime
written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen; illustrated by Scott Campbell
2017 (Abrams Books for Younger Readers)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

I cannot sleep. I have the flick-ups. Help me!

Mama Bot announces that it is time to go to bed. The little bots need to recharge by entering sleep mode. Crash and Buzz are ready to go, but little Beep leaps from bed because he has the flick-ups. What to do? If he were a human, a cup of milk might do the trick. Being a robot, it will have to be a quart of oil instead. Unfortunately, trying to drink oil while having the flick-ups only leads to soggy pajamas. Buzz has a better idea. He puts on a mask and scares Beep. This works, but now you have to deal with the residual effect of Beep being scared. Brobots Crash and Buzz try leaving the lights on, but that's a no go. Building a blanket fort to block out the light? Too hot to sleep. Set up a fan to cool off? Too loud. It's a cause and effect nightmare for the Brobots. In addition, Mama has promised a hard reboot if they don't get to sleep mode. Instead of being frustrated, the Brobots make a plan and go through the steps. All is well until one final twist.

After reading Brobot Bedtime, my teacher mind was whirring. This would be a lot of fun to use for a point of view lesson. How would the Brobots deal with homework? Recess? There are some great writing prompts that could come from looking at their point of view. Comparing and contrasting was another thought that came to mind. How does the Brobot bedtime experience compare with a human's attempts to go to sleep? Break out into partners and practice with a Venn diagram. And this story is full of cause and effect examples. The secondary title could be If You Give a Robot a Quart of Oil. Will your students enjoy this book? Affirmative!

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