Sunday, May 14, 2017

125 Pet Rescues

125 Pet Rescues
written by editors of National Geographic Kids
2017 (National Geographic Kids)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Rescue animals need our help. Homeless horses, cats, dogs, and other animals lose their homes when their owners can't care for them anymore for whatever reason. They need voices to speak on their behalf. They need homes!

National Geographic Kids and Best Friends Animal Society have teamed up to share inspiring stories of animal rescues. The hope is readers will not only express kindness to animals but also consider adopting a pet from a shelter. Many of the dogs in this book became therapy dogs like Peaches. She was a pit bull who was rescued from an abusive home. Peaches became a therapy dog and traveled across the country to give comfort to victims of disasters. Another chapter focuses on pairs of animals who have been adopted. Mr. G, a goat who was neglected, was safe after being relocated, but was not happy. Why? He missed his old stablemate the donkey Jellybean. Once Jellybean was located and reunited with Mr. G, the old goat was a happy goat. Other heartwarming stories are featured throughout the book. An elderly woman in North Wales had a stray kitty show up on her doorstep. The kitty, Pwdditat (pronounced Pudditat) went straight to the woman's blind chocolate lab named Terfel. Hardly ever wanting to leave her bed, Terfel is lovingly guided out by Pwdditat to move out of the bed and into the yard. 125 Pet Rescues is chock full of sweet stories like this.

So how to use this in the classroom? Students could work on main idea and supporting details as many of the stories start off with a main idea sentence. There's also plenty of opportunities to work on cause and effect. Readers will see the tremendous effects of showing kindness to animals. These stories are also a perfect size for working on creating responses in writing. Pet lovers will love 125 Pet Rescues.

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