Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blue Whale Blues

Blue Whale Blues
written and illustrated by Peter Carnavas
2015 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

I've got the Blue Whale Blues, 
I've got the Blue Whale, 

Whale is having a tough day. First, he can't figure out why his bike doesn't work. (Yes, I know what the adult is thinking. Whales and bikes? It works out later. Let it go Mr./Ms. Literal.) Thankfully, his good friend Penguin points out that it's just turned the wrong way. Whale is singing a new tune, but not for very long. He soon discovers that his bike is wet. Back to the blues. Being a true pal, Penguin offers a towel to dry it off. Whale faces another challenge with a helmet and Penguin again provides a solution. Then, the biggest challenge of all confronts Whale. With the help of his friends (cue Ringo Starr and/or Joe Cocker), he learns to be happy and content.

Being happy is not always the easiest thing. I struggle with this at times and I suspect some of you do too. What Blue Whale Blues does is reassure us that, with the help of friends and a different point of view, everything usually works out. This is a crazy important lesson for primary age students who can tend to fall apart at the drop of a hat, or a spoon, or a pencil. Peter Carnavas helps us to remember the joys of life with this delightful picture book. As usual, his illustrations are terrific. Click on this link to learn more about his approach to the book.

Blue Whale Blues would be a good text to use for problem/solution lessons and for school counselors looking for a picture book to accompany a lesson on happiness.

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