Saturday, October 3, 2015

When Will It Rain?: Noticing Weather Patterns

When Will It Rain?
written by Martha E.H. Rustad; illustrated by Holli Conger
2015 (Millbrook Press)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

"I see another pattern!" Katie says. "The days when it rained were cloudy."

Mr. Davis and his class are starting a weather project. They're going to observe the weather and record what they see. Mr. Davis explains that they are looking for patterns. The students observe variables such as cloudiness, precipitation, temperature and wind speed. One of the patterns noticed by the class is the increase in the amount of precipitation for the spring and fall. I'm guessing there aren't many snow days in Mr. Davis's school district. A guest, television meteorologist Penny Perez, visits the class to talk about her job. She also shares weather instruments like a barometer and an anemometer.

I really like the approach of this book. Students will make connections with the actions of Mr. Davis's class. Primary students know about patterns and predictions. They love to fill out charts and will want you to do so after reading this book. You can use the instructions in the back to create a paper cup anemometer too. Finally, I appreciate the vocabulary in When Will It Rain? Terms like precipitation and forecast are big words for the K-2 crowd, but with proper scaffolding these words will become part of the class vocabulary.

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