Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Value of a Real Apology: An Article by Dr. Richard Curwin

The Value of a Real Apology
written by Dr. Richard Curwin
July 16, 2015 (Edutopia)

Public forms of discipline - including writing on boards, charts, or oral interventions- create pressure, humiliation, powerlessness, embarrassment, and unwanted attention. Even if the public attention is meant to be positive, the student doesn't always feel that way. 

Edutopia is a good place to visit anytime, but especially as you are gearing up for another school year. If you're thinking about your classroom management plan/style(If not, why not?), you should read this article. I was already thinking about some of my previous practices and how I wanted to take a different direction. Reading this article confirmed some of my thoughts, pricked my conscience, and made me want to make some changes. That's the kind of staff development I appreciate. Click the link above to read the article.

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