Monday, August 31, 2015

Ebola: Fears and Facts

Ebola: Fears and Facts
written by Patricia Newman
2015 (Millbrook Press)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

There is no room for optimism as long as you are dealing with an Ebola virus. It's not about low numbers. It's about zero. We have got to get to zero.

Dr. Bruce Aylward - World Health Organization

The word Ebola strikes fear into people and rightfully so. The virus, transmitted by bodily fluids and not airborne, kills half of the people that come into contact with it. So why read an excellent informational text about this dreaded disease?

First, gaining knowledge is necessary in dealing with a panic inducing topic. Author Patricia Newman guides readers through the beginnings of the scientific world’s awareness of the disease. You learn why the virus spread so quickly in central and western Africa, what is being done to combat it, and why it is so important to continue to monitor it. The text is just right for fourth grade and above and you don’t have to worry about graphic photographs. Second, there are several superb text features (charts, diagrams, and maps) that can be used in lessons on nonfiction reading. For example, on page 27 is a chart that compares Ebola to other viral infections (Bird flu, HIV, SARS). This chart compares the origins of the infections, target areas of the body, and five other categories. Finally, this is the story of a heroic battle to save lives. Brave doctors, nurses, and local citizens risk their health in service to others. 

Ebola: Facts and Fears is a terrific resource that can be used by students and adults to learn about a disease that has grabbed the world’s attention. 

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