Thursday, August 6, 2015


written by Lynn Parrish Sutton; illustrated by Hazel Mitchell
2015 (Kane Miller)
Review copy provided by the publisher

I love you slowly like a sloth.
I love you quietly like a moth.

"Here is a list of adverbs that you can use with your writing." That's a helpful act that myself and other teachers will do to assist young writers. We might also show the Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs  song from Schoolhouse Rock. But what if we had a really cute rhyming book that used animals to illustrate the use of adverbs? That would be a pretty effective tool. Voila! Let me present Animally which is just such a book. Each two page spread features a full page illustration and two half page illustrations. Each illustration is accompanied by a sentence that starts with "I love you..." followed by an adverb that connects with the featured animal. For example, "I love you slowly like a sloth" highlights the deliberate nature of this mammal. "I love you quietly like a moth" confirms the sonic quality of that insect. As a teacher, I would use two or three of these a day to have a quick five minute lesson about adverbs. This would also integrate science as you would be discussing why the author chose that particular adverb. Another idea based on the book would be to create a class book where students contribute a page that uses an animal to feature a certain adverb. You can change out love with another action word. I run speedily like a cheetah or I bellow loudly like a bear would be examples of what you could create.

Animally is a delightful book that can be used as a bedtime story for toddlers or for a grammar lesson with older students. You will love this book ferociously like a grizzly bear!

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