Wednesday, July 29, 2015

El Perro con Sombrero

El Perro con Sombrero
written by Derek Taylor Kent; illustrated by Jed Henry; translated by Gabriela Revilla Lugo
2015 (Henry Holt)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Pepe was a very sad dog. He had no home and no family to love him.

Pepe was a dog of the streets. No family, no source of food or love. As he was passing by a hat store, a sombrero flew off the balcony and landed on his head. Struck by the sight of Pepe in a sombrero, a grocer offered a big bone. Moments later, a movie director saw Pepe and decided that he belonged on the big screen. Soon, Pepe was living the dream. He was chilling poolside and enjoying the trappings of movie stardom. He had everything except what he really wanted. A family. Meanwhile, a rival was scheming to take Pepe down. El gato in zapatos was a siamese cat whose stardom had been eclipsed by Pepe. Being catty about this, el gato stole Pepe's sombrero in hopes of ending his career. When Pepe arrived on set without his signature hat, the movie making stopped. Seeing el gato with his hat, Pepe gave chase through the busy streets until he cornered the conniving cat in a playground sandbox. It was here that Pepe faced a decision that would change his life forever.

El Perro con Sombrero is a charming bilingual picture book that will engage primary age readers. These students love animals and they will embrace Pepe and his underdog tale. Each page features the English text with the Spanish text highlighted in red below. This makes for a great vocabulary lesson for all students. El Perro is also a terrific book for teaching inference. In the back half of the book, there are several opportunities for readers to make predictions. With a combination of humor, sweetness and delightful illustrations, El Perro is a top dog!


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