Thursday, June 19, 2014

Poetry Friday: It's Over

Photo by Onderwijsgek

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My youngest daughter asked me if I was happy that the school year was over. I told her that happy wasn't the emotion that I was feeling. It's really strange when the school year is finished. I hope this poem shows a little of how I feel. 

It’s Over
I thought there would be joy
With the departing of each girl and boy.
But what I taste is not entirely sweet,
As I stare at each empty seat.

Almost ten months of days went by,
Teacher and students side by side.
“Will they be okay?” I wonder,
As I pick up pencils torn asunder.

All of my molecules pushed them to learn,
Now I am spent, stem to stern.
Memories are all that linger here,
The residue of another year.

With desks stacked off to the side,
And each colleague saying good-bye.
It’s time for summer, time to renew!
2013-14, I'll never forget you.

Jeff Barger © 2014


  1. Jeff, you captured the emotions so many of us go through at the end of a school year. I teach middle school reading intervention so I often have some of my students for grades 6-8. It's a little sad when it's time for them to move on, but then again, I look forward to a chance to review and renew in the summer!

    1. Thank you, Linda! There is some sadness involved and it's strange to me that this group of people will no longer be a part of my life. You invest so much and then it's done.

  2. Jeff,I enjoyed your poem. I felt so sad thought I was going to cry.
    I loved the photo, too. I had an immediate emotional response to that. WOW!

  3. Thank you, Joy! There is a sadness that accompanies the last day of school.

  4. You captured it perfectly! The fourth stanza is my favorite. So true...

  5. The end of the year is packed with emotion - and fatigue! I could have thought about being sadder or happier about the closing of a school year if there wasn't all that packing and cleaning to do!


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