Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Wonder Who?: Cute book for young readers

I Wonder Who?
Text and design by Anton Poitier; illustrated by Sophia Touliatou
2014 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review provided by the publisher

If you buy books for a toddler or a preschooler, you should check out I Wonder Who? for a fun bedtime read. There are 5 two page spreads that are cut into thirds in this pop-up delight. On the first page, the first question on the left is "I wonder who has eaten the page?". On the right, you lift the flap and it is a caterpillar who has taken a bite out of the page. The second third of the page asks "I wonder who has snappy teeth?". Lift up the flap and you get a great pop-up of a crocodile. See if your child can also find the small birds in each scene. Young readers will have a good time trying to predict which animal is underneath each flap. This interactive experience makes reading memorable and helps build the habit of reading each night. When my daughters were young, this type of book was one of their favorites. Enjoy the giggles and enthusiasm as you read I Wonder Who? with a developing reader.

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