Thursday, September 5, 2013

STEM Friday: There's a Map on My Lap! - iPad app

There's a Map on My Lap!
written by Tish Rabe
2013 (Oceanhouse Media)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

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I handed out books today for my second grade students to study birds. One of the groups was given a Cat in the Hat book about birds. They looked despondent and one of them actually wanted to change books. I encouraged them to give it a try. They found out that the book was full of facts and was a good resource. Don't be deceived by what you think you know about the Cat.

There's a Map on My Lap introduces young readers to cartography. The book starts off with a comparison between globes and oranges. If you peel an orange, compare the peel to a flat map. This app has high level vocabulary terms like latitude and longitude. Other concepts include scale, compass rose, atlas, and legend. Several different types of maps are also included. Marine charts, city maps, subway maps, topographical maps, and dot maps are some of the features you will see. The Cat also shows readers how to measure actual miles on a map with string. A lesson on grid maps finishes the fun for Dick and Sally and the Cat in the Hat.

If you want a resource for map making, this is a fun app to use. You could use this with struggling readers in the upper grades, but you may have to preface it by saying it is filled with important information. For younger readers, this would be a great introduction to maps and why they are important to us.

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