Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There Will Be Blood

Photo by My Disney Adventures

In my second grade class, we are studying fairy tales this week. We have discussed the usual characteristics that come up during the reading of fairy tales. There is royalty, use of the number 3, magic, themes like good vs. evil, and so forth. My students came up with a different quality today: blood. We discovered there is quite a bit of blood in the stories that we are reading. In Rapunzel, the prince falls from the tower and gouges his eyes on thorns. I have a Cinderella version where one of the stepsisters cuts off her big toe to make the slipper fit. Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger and blood flows. This isn't a new discovery on our part. There have been/are network television shows about the dark side of fairy tales, but I thought it was interesting that my students would pick up on this from our reading. And they are intrigued and not grossed out by this. So with each successive fairy tale that we read this week, we will not only looking for examples of true love, but also the amount of blood.

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