Friday, May 31, 2013

STEM Friday: California Sea Lions

California Sea Lions
written by Megan Cooley Peterson
2013 (Pebble Plus)
Source: Orange County Public Library

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The subject matter and cover of California Sea Lions
will lead to many checkouts at the media center desk. Facts on each page are accompanied by attractive photographs. I especially like the picture on page 14 of two sea lions shedding their hair. There is one particular feature of this book that makes me want to recommend it to librarians and teachers. The text of this book is so readable! Finding an interesting nonfiction book for a beginning second grade reader is not an easy task. As I was reading, I kept saying "This book would be great for ______." This allows early readers to practice their research skills independently. A world map on page 6, a comparison drawing on page 8, and a glossary in the back will also assist these readers.

If you are writing nonfiction books in the primary grades, California Sea Lions, and other titles in this series (Bottlenose Dolphins, Elephant Seals, and Orcas) would be good pickups for young researchers.

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