Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poetry Friday: Ode to My Mom

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Today is Muffins for Mom in my classroom. My students have written poems for their mothers to read. I have included one of my student's poems in honor of Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to my wife Traci, my mom Marge, and my mother-in-law Marilyn. I love you all. 

Ode to My Mom

You teach me
You never forget me
You check my homework
You're nice to me
Playing games is nice too
Taking us to places is fun
Dinner is always great when you make it
Washing my cuts is a big help. 
When I ask something you answer
You're the BEST!!!


  1. Those mothers will love these! I like each detail this poet included!

  2. Love "When I ask something you answer". And they don't laugh - at least not that you notice. They just answer your questions. Nice thoughts for Mother's Day. Do you make muffins for them to take home?

    1. All of our food has to be store bought, so I buy the muffins and we serve them to the moms.

  3. There's no better gift than a child's poem from the heart!

  4. So sweet! And so much better than a generic Mother's Day card!

  5. Very sweet. She will be a very happy mom when she sees this.

  6. Aww! I bet there were tears in some moms' eyes yesterday!

    1. Yes! And the moms were talking to each other and sharing. It was so great. This was the first time that I have done this and it turned out so well.


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