Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poetry Friday: Coreopsis

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I went out to my garden this evening for a little inspiration. Emphasis on the word little. Trying to write poetry is fun as it stirs my creativity. I'm not very good at writing poems. Not fishing for compliments or striving for humility, just stating what I think is the truth. But I don't really care that I'm in the lower percentile of poets. Writing this poem made me walk outside for a few minutes and took my mind off of the mundane for a little while. I'll settle for that. 

Harbinger of the summer to come
Spreading your glory in an upward strum
Survivor in drought-like places
Standing tall in dining room vases
Landing pad for a ladybug
Crowding other flora with a thin hug
Unlike me, you’re resistant to hot
You are the current star of my plot

©Jeff Barger 2013


  1. There are so many great little lines in this poem. I love the idea of a landing pad for ladybugs, nice visual there. It is always nice when poetry pulls us to a location or sends us in search of something. Glad you found these for your inspiration today.

  2. Oooh, I do so like that "glory in an upward strum". These are such neat flowers, fabulous "thin hugs" and all!

  3. Loved the thin hugs and ladybug landing pad lines!

  4. I like "glory in an upward strum" too. But I also really like the last line. I like the way garden flowers seem to take turns as the "star of the plot."

  5. I too liked your memorable end line, "You are the star of my plot." Well done. Thanks also for the information link.

  6. I like this interesting line: "Crowding other flora with a thin hug," and the last line: "You are the current star of my plot." That is so my gardening experience too. The stars never last long, but then another one comes along to shine (bloom).

    Violet N.


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