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The Three Bears ABC: An Alphabet Book

The Three Bears ABC: An Alphabet Book
written by Grace Maccarone; illustrated by Hollie Hibbert
2013 (Albert Whitman)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

The concept of The Three Bears ABC is a unique one to my eyes. The classic story is told in the guise of an alphabet book. I am so pleased when I read something this clever. Here is an example:

C is for cool. The bears waited for the hot porridge to cool. So Papa put on his cap, Mama her cape, and Baby his coat

This would be a great book to use for teaching about alliteration. And you-know-who is going to show up at letter G and she has a fantastic mane of wild yellow hair. She's also a modern girl with a bow hairband, leggings, and flats. This could be my eight year old daughter. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is such a familiar story that you could also work on prediction while you read. I would put sticky notes on pages to cover the text and see if students can guess what the letter is representing. For instance, the letter J. What do you think? Goldilocks is shown eating a bowl of porridge and it is ____ right. The illustrations in this book are boldly colorful and fun. My favorite was for the letter X which marks the spot where Goldilocks face plants into the bushes after leaping out the window. Not exactly a graceful exit.

Young readers will enjoy The Three Bears ABC. It's an out of the ordinary alphabet book that can be used for several purposes in a preschool or kindergarten classroom.

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