Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pinch and Dash and the Terrible Couch

Pinch and Dash and the Terrible Couch
written by Michael J. Daley; illustrated by Thomas F. Yezerski
2013 (Charlesbridge Publishing)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Poor Pinch. His Aunt Hasty has temporarily moved into a tiny apartment and has sent him her bright red couch. He can't refuse it since the movers, the aptly named Push and Shove, pummel his other furniture in order to place the couch near the fireplace. What's worse, the color of the couch, electric red, doesn't match his decor. Pinch's biggest worry is that Aunt Hasty will take an extended vacation and decide that she doesn't need her red beast back. Pinch's neighbor, the ever effervescent Dash, pokes his head in the door and tries to see the bright side. Both friends decide that rearranging is in order so more moving takes place. The two neighbors do their best, but it may be too much.    While the suddenly exhausted Dash takes a snooze on the new couch, Pinch opens his window to get some fresh air. It is here that he finds the solution to his problem.

Pinch and Dash are humorous characters. They are slightly flawed which makes them more likable. It would be fun for students to decide which character they most resemble. Contrasting Pinch and Dash would be a good use of a Venn diagram. Readers on the cusp of chapter books will enjoy reading a longer book that fits their text needs. If you like buddy stories like Frog and Toad, you will like Pinch and Dash.

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