Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goodnight Baseball

Goodnight Baseball
written by Michael Dahl; illustrated by Christina Forshay
2013 (Capstone Young Readers)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

If the old lady in the chair whispering "Hush" in Goodnight Moon was a baseball manager, she would fit right in with Goodnight Baseball. In this rhyming tale, a young baseball fan goes with his father to see his favorite team, the Rockets, play ball. After munching hot dogs and slurping drinks (Must be a minor league park since the dad has only a few bills in his hand as he pays for the food.), the game begins. The young fan is lucky to catch a home run hit by the home team. The stadium lights come on as the latter innings approach with a stretch in the middle of the seventh inning. Fortunately, the Rockets prevail and the pint sized begins to make his way out of the park. This is where the tribute to the classic of all goodnight books starts. He wishes a "good night" to the players on the field. Different items on the field also receive this greeting. The book ends with the boy saying goodnight to the moon with his newly won baseball safely tucked in his mitt on the dresser.

Being able to compare two or more books is an important skill in the literature standards of the Common Core. Young students could read Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Baseball to make comparisons. It would also be fun for students to write a good night poem of their own. They could write it for a sport or for an area like the ocean or the desert. Goodnight Baseball is a sweet tribute to a classic sport and a classic game.

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