Thursday, October 11, 2012

STEM Friday: The Wing Wing Brothers Math Spectacular!

The Wing Wing Brothers Math Spectacular!
written and illustrated by Ethan Long
2012 (Holiday House)
Source: Orange County Public Library

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The Wing Wing Brothers are not a new chicken snack franchise, but instead a group of winged brothers who are no bird brains. These Fibonacci-like fowl put on an unprecedented math show for children of all ages. Walter, Wendell, Willy, Wilmer, and Woody put on a stage show in three acts. Act One features plate spinning to help youngsters with pesky greater than, less than, and equal equations. The end of the act is a smashing success that is unequaled. Act Two has a plethora of pie juggling and throwing to show students how addition and subtraction work. Willy is the superstar of this act with a surprise finish sure to please. The final act brings more addition and subtraction prestidigitation. What could be better for this than the magic box disappearing act? You can do quite a bit of addition and subtraction with this device. The ending of the show will leave audience members aghast.

Any time that you can add humor to a sometimes difficult subject like mathematics, it is greatly appreciated by teachers and parents. After reading this book, I could see students developing their own skits that illustrate addition and subtraction equations. The Wing Wing brothers will help young math students better understand the acts of putting together and taking apart in mathematics.

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