Friday, September 9, 2011

STEM Friday: Paramedics to the Rescue

Paramedics to the Rescue
written by Nancy White
2011 (Bearport Publishing)
Source: Orange County Public Library

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I picked up Paramedics to the Rescue because this is a subject that I had not seen featured in a book before. Nancy White creates an interesting mix of information and stories involving paramedics. I never thought about this, but paramedics have only been around since the mid-1960s. There have been ambulance drivers for several decades, but they didn't give medical treatment to patients. This book tells how the profession got started in the United States. One of the hooks for reluctant readers are the stories contained in this text. I would read one as a way to sell it to students. You could choose the story of Lawrence Van Sertima who was bitten by a venomous snake on 9/11. Paramedic Al Cruz had to convince the government to allow a plane to fly to Miami from San Diego in order to deliver the medication needed to save Van Sertima's life. Paramedic Lisa Desena, who set up a first-aid station near the collapsed Twin Towers on 9/11, is also featured. Another facet of Paramedics that I like is the emphasis on training and working together. That lesson can easily transfer to the classroom so students can understand that teamwork and studying are extremely important.

If your class is studying careers in medicine or if you're looking for a nonfiction book to catch the eye of reluctant readers, you should find a copy of Paramedics to the Rescue. You could read sections of the book and invite a paramedic to speak to your class. They may even bring in equipment to show students what they use to save lives. This book is also a good source for science related vocabulary (unconscious, intravenous, proficient).


  1. I, like in your case, had not seen paramedics featured in children's book. This one sounds very interesting and definitely links to many school topics and would appeal to many readers. I love that the cover presents a woman paramedic ready to lend a hand. Thank you for bein part of STEM Friday, Jeff!

  2. Thanks for sharing very timely book.

  3. It is a book that connects in many ways. Thank you, Ana Maria and Roberta for stopping by.


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