Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Box Titles: My Book Box and Meeow and the Big Box

My Book Box
written and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
(Harcourt Books) 2006
Source: Orange County Public Library

                                                                        Meeow and the Big Box
                                                          written and illustrated by Sebastien Braun
                                                                        (Boxer Books) 2009
                                                                        Source: Orange County Library

My local library recently placed copies of these two books on the new picture book shelf and since I frequent that section often (think Snoopy as a vulture), I happened to pick them both up this past week. Each book features an animal character who uses his imagination and a plain brown box to create hours of enjoyment. Both of these books would be excellent vehicles for students to practice making predictions. I would ask students before reading to think about what they would do if they had a big cardboard box. As you read aloud either or both of these books, students can make predictions as to what they think will happen with the box. The elephant in The Book Box finds several uses for his box while Meeow has one particular purpose for his big box. After reading these books, students could create their own box and write a list of uses for the box. You could team both books with 2009's Magic Box and teach a lesson in comparing and contrasting. I also think you could create a unit with a theme based on books where characters use their imagination. Harold and the Purple Crayon and Millie's Marvellous Hat would be other books that I would combine with the previously mentioned titles as part of this theme.

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