Friday, February 18, 2011


written and illustrated by Frank W. Dormer
(Henry Holt and Co.) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

Socksquatch the monster has cold feet. Literally. He is missing a sock and it is upsetting him. So he visits his friends in search of a sock. Wayne the Werewolf is not much help. He has fur and no need for socks. Square headed Frank produces a sock, but it is much too big and causes our frustrated hero to fall and wail quite loudly. This catches the attention of Martin the Mummy, who doesn't need socks, but does have the solution right in his hands.

We read Socksquatch in class this morning and my students laughed with delight. They enjoyed hearing about how the monsters stretched out their words (S-O-O-O-C-K) just like we have been working on in reader's and writer's workshop. The shortened syntax (Got Sock?) of the dialogue is very monster-like. The longest sentence in the book is three words. My class also liked generating predictions as to how Socksquatch's problem would be solved. Socksquatch is a clever and fun short read that your class will appreciate.

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