Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nonfiction Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr., Day: Count and Celebrate!

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day: Count and Celebrate!
written by Fredrick L. McKissack, Jr. and Lisa Beringer McKissack
(Enslow Elementary) 2009
Source: Cameron Park Elementary Library

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Since today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I wanted to feature a book about Dr. King. I found this title which was published in 2009 and geared toward younger readers. It is a counting book which tells about the life of Dr. King and the purpose of the holiday honoring him. The numbers 1-10 are individually featured on a page and accompanied by a question. For example, the number seven is paired with this question, "How many kids help plant a garden?" On the opposite page is a photograph of seven kids who chose to spend their holiday volunteering by planting a garden. A paragraph long caption explains how the holiday honoring Dr. King is associated with helping others. Another page features a King family photograph and briefly explains why Coretta Scott King started the King Center in Atlanta. The back matter includes a short biography of Dr. King and how the holiday is celebrated today. Two glossaries, a bibliography, an index, and internet resources are other text features you will find in this book. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day is a great resource for introducing the life and legacy of Dr. King to preschool and kindergarten students. You can also use this book to teach nonfiction text features.

Click on the Read More link below to view Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

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Did you know that polar bear fur is clear? Read this interview to learn more.

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At Great Kid Books, today's featured book is Seeds of Change which is the story of Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai.

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  1. Good morning and thanks for hosting! I don't think I've got a copy of your featured book today. I'll have to look for one. It looks as though it would work for PreK storytime. Shelf-employed is featuring an announcement today - an invitation to join in a special blog event for Women's History Month.

  2. Morning, I am always moved by Dr. King's I have a Dream speech.

    In Honor of Dr. King day, I just announced a Read In, so I had to push back my NF post until 5pm this evening. I will link to it when I get back from work. Though if you remember and can link to it, I would really appreciate it.

  3. Doret, I'll be checking all day so I should remember to link to your post this afternoon.

  4. Thanks for hosting Jeff!

    You can find my post about the giant redwood trees and how this book might be a good read for a high performing kindergarten boy whose mom is struggling to find age appropriate reading material at

  5. Today Cindy and I have a wonderful book about art titled Before They Were Famous by Bob Raczka on Bookends

    Thanks for hosting.

  6. Thanks for hosting! We are looking at colors today:

  7. Thank you for hosting today. I have Mammoths and Mastodons at SimplyScience today.

  8. Very nice job honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    I just have a short blurb about a camouflage book, Hiding In Deserts at

  9. Thanks for hosting! I have a quick review of a book about water

  10. Thank you for hosting Nonfiction Monday on this special holiday. I have written about a French word book at

  11. Thank you for hosting! I wrote a post about an art book, I Love to Collage!

    It's at:

  12. Today I'm reviewing a new Civil War book from Scholastic. Here's the link:

  13. Here's my post for today. Thanks for hosting!

  14. Thanks for hosting! I'm in with a review of After Ghandi

  15. Thanks for hosting this week, Jeff!

    Instead of our regular review, Wild About Nature blog is featuring an interview with nonfiction picture book illustrator, Laurie Klein.

  16. Hello Jeff, I included a nonfiction book about MLK as well. My link is below:

  17. Hi Jeff, thanks for hosting!
    Today I've featured Seeds of Change, a picture book about Wangari Maathi which I found very inspiring.

    Mary Ann

  18. Thanks for hosting. My selection is "Sit-in: how four friends stood up by sitting down" written by Andrea Davis Pinkney with illustrations by Brian Pinkney.

  19. Thanks for hosting and apologies for coming late to the party. I love the timely MLK reviews and feel badly that I hadn't planned better. My review is of Adventure Beneath the Sea by Kenneth Mallory:


    PS: Have been having trouble with blogspot verifying my livejournal ID lately. Anyone else on LJ having similar probs?

  20. Thank you so much for adding my link. I am off to check out some of the other reviews


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