Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Paper Princess

The Paper Princess
written and illustrated by Elisa Kleven
(Dutton) 1994
Source: Orange County Public Library

A girl draws a princess with a dress like a forest, socks like starry skies, and shoes like watermelons. This paper princess is brave and friendly. The girl cuts her out before deciding what kind of hair to give her. The two friends play together until a gust of wind takes the princess away before she has any hair. On her travels, the paper princess experiences a carnival, another little girl who accidentally gives her a sprig of green magic marker hair, and a kind blue jay who rescues her and gives her the perfect hair. Through this excitement, the paper princess is homesick and misses her original creator. A twist of fate brings about a happy ending for the princess.

The Paper Princess would be a terrific story to read to help young students learn about making connections to other texts. I thought about The Gingerbread Boy since both of these creations get away from their creators although with different purposes. You could also teach contrast with both of these stories comparing the similarities and differences. I think students will also connect to the Toy Story movies as well with both stories containing created characters that are beloved by their owners. There is a sequel to The Paper Princess (The Paper Princess Finds Her Way) that I haven't read yet, but looking at the summary makes me think it would further connect this book series to the popular movie series. This book also lends itself to a fun craft idea for students to do which would connect it to Flat Stanley.

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