Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In a nice bit of serendipity, I mentioned an extreme sport called parkour in my review of Luke On The Loose two days ago and just yesterday I was browsing the new books section of my local library and found this book called Parkour. Dan Edwardes, who has helped create parkour training academies and videos, wrote the book to introduce the sport to young audiences.

Edwardes writes, "The aim of parkour is to move around an area, such as a city or park, without stopping. People who take part in parkour run, climb, and jump over buildings and obstacles." His book is full of exciting photographs that illustrate this dynamic sport. This book comes with two warning labels which should prove quite popular.  There is a chapter on the history of parkour and several other chapters on different techniques, philosophies, and tips.

It is a short thirty-two page read with several nonfiction text features like a glossary, an index, and a table of contents.  This would be an excellent book to use for teaching a lesson on context clues as there are several opportunities for new vocabulary. Reluctant readers will snap up Parkour fairly quickly.

Now I have a nominee if the Cybils ever start a category for extreme sport books.

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