Sunday, January 10, 2010

Luke On The Loose

Parkour is a discipline of French origin where runners run (or climb, jump, etc.) from point to point overcoming obstacles like walls and buildings, unlike regular road runners who simply run around these things. You have to be insanely in shape to be able to do this, but apparently it is gaining in popularity. A single participant is called a traceur which brings us to Luke of Luke On The Loose, a comic book created by Harry Bliss.

Luke and his father are in the park one day and while his father is having a boring conversation with another dad, Luke chases a flock of pigeons with the speed of Usain Bolt. Like a traceur, Luke bolts (lame pun alert!) over tables and through fire escapes to chase the pigeons while his father helplessly follows. Like my favorite comic books from childhood, you scan quickly from frame to frame to keep up with the action and laugh at the subtle touches of humor.

Luke On The Loose will be a popular read with your students with its constant action and colorful illustrations. You can easily build mini-lessons on cause/effect, sequence, or prediction with this book. Asking students to use their background knowledge and text clues to figure out what will happen next would be a fun activity. A possible extension activity would be to create your own 4 block comic strip and show where you would like to be "on the loose." Make Beliefs Comix is one place where students could do this.


  1. 1. If it's by Harry Bliss, I must have it. Do you get his emailed comic-a-day?
    2. I will be back to check out your links -- great stuff there. Just saw this one today, do you know it?
    3. Thank you for introducing yourself on the/becoming a member of the Kidlitosphere!
    4. Wow! We're one of your 3 blogs on your blogroll -- what an honor! I'm going home to put you on ours right now!

  2. I love Luke on the Loose so I enjoyed your review. I'd never heard of Parkour and it really sounds wild! I'll have to investigate it. Not to participate in the sport, but simply because I'm curious. The Make Beliefs Comix website also intrigues me because it promotes doing comics in various languages. Thanks for the information and the links!

  3. Welcome to the kidlitblogosphere. I will let my teachers know about this blog!

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for introducing yourself on the listserv. I'll be sure to let my students (preservice teachers) know about your blog. If you have a chance you may want to check out Open Wide, Look Inside. It's the blog where my students review books and make connections to the curriculum.

    Tricia (Miss Rumphius)

  5. Thank you everyone for your welcoming comments and the great websites to check out! I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

  6. I went on the website for this book and entered a drawing--I "won" four books! thanks for introducing me to this series. check it out, maybe they will run the contest again.


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