Monday, January 4, 2010

Lines That Wiggle

What do you get when you combine geometry and monsters? How about Lines That Wiggle, a celebration of all the places where you can find lines. For instance,  "lines that tickle, lines that sprout, bugs have lines that stick right out." The rhyming text, combined with humorous illustrations of monsters and other critters, shows some of  the possibilities of where you can find lines. Candace Whitman's words will make for great shared reading experiences.  Lines That Wiggle could also be used as part of an introduction to geometry.  Steve Wilson's illustrations are bright and colorful with plenty of humor that can serve as an introduction to personification. The cherry on top of the sundae for this book is a glittery blue line that runs throughout Lines That Wiggle.  You'll find yourself running your finger along the line as you read. Preschool and primary readers will enjoy this book!

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