Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad News for Outlaws

Mad mamas can make for good stories, and Old West hero Bass Reeves made one particular mama so angry that she followed him for three miles as he led her criminal sons away in handcuffs. She was fooled by one of the many clever disguises used by Reeves, a deputy U.S. marshal in the Indian Territory.  One of the first African American deputies west of the Mississippi River, Reeves was extremely courageous and clever. He made over 3,000 arrests and was feared by criminals in the territory.  Bad News for Outlaws (click on this link for more resources), written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson and illustrated by R.Gregory Christie, retells many fascinating stories from the life of this extraordinary lawman. 

My daughter and I enjoyed learning about Bass Reeves's life.  As a teacher, I liked the glossary of western words, timeline, internet resources, and bibliography contained in the back of the book. Bad News for Outlaws would serve as a great example of how to structure a biography report.

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