Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Wild World of Buck Bray: The Missing Grizzly Cubs

The Wild World of Buck Bray: The Missing Grizzly Cubs
written by Judy Young
2016 (Sleeping Bear Press)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Buck rolled his eyes, but Dad and Toni took turns seeing who could come up with another word to describe the landscape's beauty, counting each word as they went. 

Buck Bray is an eleven-year-old with a famous father. His dad goes around the world filming documentaries while Buck stays with his grandparents since his mother has passed away. Hoping to spend more time with Dad, Buck pitches an idea of a kid-centered nature show. The producers are very excited, so Buck and Dad are on their way to Denali National Park in Alaska. At the airport in Fairbanks, they meet Shoop the cameraman and his daughter Toni. Buck is not thrilled about hanging out with a girl, but he soon grows to respect Toni's acumen in audio production. They become partners in exploring as they prepare for Buck's first show. Sometimes the two intrepid explorers go a little too far. Hiking alongside a river, they witness a grizzly bear taking down a caribou. Buck wants to see bears, but this is a little too close. The adults they meet are much less wild, but they are suspicious of a rude passenger on their bus. He bumps them and then stays with his computer as if he is tracking something. They do enjoy spending time with park ranger Craig, who shows them an old bear's den as they begin filming. Later, Buck and Toni hear about two bear cubs missing and they have an idea who may behind it. Now they have to produce enough information to convince the adults that their hunch is a real possibility.

When you combine a mystery, kid heroes, and the Alaskan wilderness, you're going to hook elementary school readers. I'm well beyond my elementary student days and I gobbled this up. It's an engaging story with interesting characters. In addition, there is a lot of geographic and science information in this book. Students will learn about the landscape of wild Alaska and the behavior of many animals. Readers will enjoy exploring Buck Bray's Wild World.

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