Friday, October 20, 2017

Space Boy and the Snow Monster

Space Boy and the Snow Monster
written by Dian Curtis Regan; illustrated by Robert Neubecker
2017 (Boyds Mills Press)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

The spaceship blasts off. It sails through whirling snow, howling winds, and scary clouds. 

Niko, Radar, and Tag are back with a snowy adventure. While Niko and his dog Tag dig out their spaceship, copilot robot Radar has disappeared. Could he have been captured by Niko's sister Posh, alias The Snow Monster? Only a trip to Planet Ice will reveal the answer. Sure enough, The Snow Monster is spotted on the planet and it attacks our brave duo with snowballs. If that's not enough, this audacious alien beguiles Tag with kind words and a pat on the head. Now Niko is stranded on a strange planet. Fortunately, Tag returns to his senses and his captain. And just in time as an evil bunny spy is tracking them. They follow the bunny who leads them to their now frozen copilot Radar. Is it a kind bunny or a diabolical trap? It's a trap! Nearby is The Snow Monster who is aided by an army of cold collaborators in the form of snow people with mohawks. Can our plucky crew escape and head back to Planet Home?

Students love to write narratives where there are few boundaries to their imagination. But there is a structure and The Space Boy series of picture books are great mentor texts to show young writers how to frame their stories. Want to teach how to include dialogue in a story? This would be another way to showcase these books. Or they may just be the inspiration a struggling writer needs to unleash their creativity. Space Boy and the Snow Monster is a fun blast of wintry inspiration.


  1. Yes, another fun adventure with Niko, Radar, and Tag. And another opportunity for readers to use their imaginations. The curriculum guides offered by the author also are helpful for generating activities.

  2. Here's the link to the curriculum guides.


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