Sunday, October 29, 2017

Goats of Anarchy: Polly and Her Duck Costume

Polly and Her Duck Costume
written by Leanne Lauricella; illustrated by Jill Howarth
2017 (Walter Foster Jr.)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Polly's new mom brought her home, wrapped her in a blanket, and cuddled her close. With a small huff, Polly fell right to sleep. 

Polly is a blind goat who could use a break. Only when she buries herself in the hay does she feel content. One day, a break arrives when a young lady takes her to a new place. This new mom is very kind and helps Polly learn how to maneuver throughout the house.  Even better, she's bottle-fed and gets to snuggle in a blanket on the couch. Polly gets nervous when she isn't bundled so her mom has an idea. She finds an outfit that will keep Polly cozy even when she is walking around. Yeah, it's a duck outfit, but Polly doesn't care. She's never seen a duck. The two go down grocery aisles to the delight of shoppers. Soon, Polly is joined by more friends who are rescue goats. One friend, Pippa, even gets Polly's old duck outfit. They frolic in the field like two goats dressed like ducks. How can you not like that! Eventually, Polly is so busy playing with Pippa that she doesn't need the outfit any longer.

They had me at Goats of Anarchy. Check them out on Instagram. PreK-1st grade students will adore this story. You could have a good discussion with young students about what comforts them and why. This book is also a great resource in teaching students to be kind to animals and a lesson in problem solving. Don't let someone get your goat. Get this book instead.

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