Monday, August 28, 2017

The Great Pasta Escape

The Great Pasta Escape
written by Miranda Paul; illustrated by Javier Joaquin
2017 (Little Bee Books)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

They stuck to their own kind. 
They stayed still in their packaging.
And they never spoke to humans. 

If you followed the rules, the pasta believed they would go to a most excellent location. So they stayed in their different packages and waited for the next step. But a funny thing happened on the way to that better place. Fettuccine overheard two factory workers talking about how they were looking forward to eating pasta. Gasp! Was this true? A meeting was called. Bow Tie tried to be the voice of reason. Ramen was very angry. A bandanna wearing Macaroni just wanted everyone to chill. A trio of Rotini presented the evidence that was too strong to ignore. The pasta were headed for a plate of trouble. After much venting among the pasta, a Rotini proposed a plan that left only Ravioli behind. This did not go over well with the square crowd and they led a revolt against the others. Amidst the pasta pugilism, an angel appeared. Actually, a batch of angel hair pasta. And she had a plan to find that better place.

With the wordplay and humor, I was laughing loud enough to be heard in other parts of my house. This is brilliant stuff. It's a great lesson in learning how to keep your cool in times of distress and thinking through a problem together. That's something you want to emphasize at the beginning of the school year in your classroom. And there's a guide to pasta shapes in the very back. If you do art projects involving pasta, teach a unit on food, or just want a good laugh, you'll want to join this plucky band of noodles.

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