Thursday, July 20, 2017

Take Ted Instead

Take Ted Instead
written by Cassandra Webb; illustrated by Amanda Francey
2017 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

It's time for bed, sleepyhead. 
No, no, take Fred instead

For one little guy, it's time to go to bed. Trying to delay the inevitable as much as possible, he offers up his dog Red instead, as he hides under a blanket on the couch. His patient mother, resplendent in bunny slippers, patiently reminds him that "It's time for bed, sleepyhead." Hiding behind a curtain, the boy suggests taking Fred the cat. See the pattern? If your name ends in -ed, you're going to be a candidate for taking his place in having to go to bed. Older brother Jedd is too busy reading. Action figure Zed needs to spend his evening in the toy chest. Neighbor Ned is sipping his evening coffee and a little too old for Mom to tell to go to bed. And Ed the fish better not leave his bowl. Which leaves us with one final candidate. Giant stuffed bear Ted is the perfect replacement. But Mom, as moms are want to do, gives an excellent answer as to why Ted can not head to bed by himself. So the boy succumbs to Mom's superior wisdom. The last picture is a sweet surprise and the perfect ending to the book.

If you're going to create a bedtime picture book, it helps for it to have certain qualities. First, you want the artwork to be adorable. Look at the cover and the spread below. Check that off the list. Second, if you have a rhyming pattern, that's going to promote interactivity with the book and better engagement. Another check on the list. Third, it helps to have a dose of humor. This isn't a gut busting book, but you really don't want that in a bedtime story. The humor is sweet which is just the right dose. Finally, having to go to bed is a universal concern so Take Ted Instead will easily connect to your young reader. Can I be the bearer of some good news? This book is a super slumber time choice.

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