Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pink Lion

Pink Lion
written and illustrated by Jane Porter
2017 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

One day, a growling gang bounced by. 
"It's a PINK lion!" they said. 
"Living with a lot of BIRDS!"

Arnold the lion is living the dream. Loved by his family, he eats great food and plays games with them at the water hole. Okay, so he's a lion living with a flamboyance (Yes, I googled it.) of flamingos. But he's happy. Until a pride of lions, who are quite proud, show up at the water hole. They question why Arnold is not part of their family. Confused, he looks into the water and notices that he does look like the other lions. The pride invites him to join them for lots of roaring and hunting. Arnold agrees, but soon finds out that he is not much for running fast and cleaning himself with his tongue. And roaring? All Arnold can muster is a meager "Squork." He decides he isn't cut out for the lion life. When he returns to his flamingo family, Arnold discovers that a mean crocodile has taken over the water hole. Suddenly, his inner lion makes an appearance. The mighty roar startles the crocodile and it also calls forth his fellow lions. With the horrid croc chased from the premises, Arnold's cousins discover that there are advantages to a flamingo life.

First of all, one of the most adorable book covers you will ever see. Bar none. It's just as engaging on the inside as well. This is also a story that would be a great read aloud for a lesson on being yourself. That is SO important in the K-2 world. There is a large amount of dialogue in Pink Lion, so it's perfect to convert into a Reader's Theater script for working on fluency. Another use would be to compare Arnold and his lion cousins using a Venn diagram. No lion, this book will charm your socks off.

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