Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Autumn: A Pop-Up Book

created by David A. Carter
2017 (Abrams Appleseed)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Who nibbles the water plants?
Who builds their homes with logs?

Third in a seasonal series of pop-up books, Autumn is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. A giant pumpkin leaps forward and a vine springs upward. Jumping to the right is a smaller, mostly green pumpkin. Laying on the left is a butternut squash. Lift it up and you'll see a star-nosed mole. The pop-ups are definitely the stars of the show, but I was also delighted with the variety of flora and fauna in the surrounding drawings. For example, around the pumpkin in the distance are bison, sandhill cranes, and a pear tree. A black widow hides behind the pop-up leaves of the pumpkin. There is so much here that you can talk about! Open the next spread and an oak tree, covered with acorns and two blue jays, lifts into the air. Falling yellow and orange leaves are attached by string. Behind the tree are wild turkeys and river otters. I love the levels in the landscape with mountains in the farthest distance. In the bottom left of each spread, descriptive sentences are interchanged with questions that prompt the reader to interact with the book. Perhaps my favorite pop-up is a grove of aspens with bright yellow leaves fronted by a moose. Opening the pages was definitely an "ooh-aaah" moment. It was like watching pop-up fireworks.

Toddlers will love the beautiful colors and touching the edges of the detailed plants that pop up. Adults will love the variety of plants and animals and the chance to build vocabulary with their young reader. A gorgeous visual representation of the season.

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