Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gareth Lucas Noisy Books

Dig, Dig, Digger!
Dinos on Deck!
written and illustrated by Gareth Lucas
2017 (Silver Dolphin Books)
Source: Review copies provided by the publisher

Camel lifts the crane cautiously, making sure not to sway.

Aren't books supposed to be quiet? Not when dolphins are working backhoes and a T-Rex is the captain of a pirate ship! On each spread of these bouncy board books, readers will be able to push a button to hear a noise that fits the setting of the book. For example, when the walrus foreman of the construction crew blows his whistle, readers can push a button to hear the sound. Even though this is a board book, I think you could use this to teach setting. You could ask students, "Does this sound fit the setting?" and "What sounds would not fit this setting?". But the books are more than sound. Gareth Lucas adds a large dollop of humor with the illustrations. Dinos play tennis with a coconut on board their ship. A pig in a hard hat jumps rope through a patch of wet cement. They're like DVD Easter eggs where you don't notice on the first or second reading, but on the third, you say "Oh, that's funny!". There's also an opportunity to work on alliteration on several pages. One page features the phrase "a busy bear bulldozes...". You can also work on shared reading as there is plenty of rhyming going on as well. These board books are quite noisy, but also loads of fun.

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