Friday, April 14, 2017

The Leaky Story

The Leaky Story
written by Devon Sillett; illustrated by Anil Tortop
2017 (EK Books)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Soon, it could no longer be contained. At first, there was a small trickle. Just a drip...drip...drip.

Those books on the shelf that are collecting a thin sheet of dust. Ones that you haven't touched in awhile? You might want to take a look at them. Young J.J. noticed one titled The Leaky Story as he was playing pirates on a circular rug. The book shifted and fell on its side, unable to contain the weight of what was inside. Slowly, water and letters started dripping down the wall. The word once cascaded down followed by upon a time. Suddenly, there were puddles in the living room. His mother thought she heard something, but Dad said it was only her imagination as he stared mindlessly past his toes toward the television. Then, a pirate ship and various sea creatures came out of the book. The battle was on! Mom was jousting with a pirate, using a rolling pin while Dad grabbed the vacuum hose to fend off another while the living room changed into a sea scene. Right behind J.J., a Kraken roared loud enough to disturb the neighbors, but the courageous family fought on, throwing all manner of household items to beat back the unwanted visitors. Sensing their impending defeat, the sea creatures and water meekly made their way back up the wall and into the book that had previously released them. After a group hug to celebrate, the family raced off to their next adventure.

The Leaky Story joyfully illustrates the benefits of getting lost in a book. When you can bring a couple of family members with you, that's even better. In this age of everyone going to a separate room with an electronic device, we need reminders of how reading can bring us together. Thinking about the classroom, The Leaky Story is a terrific example of small moment writing. You could also teach a lesson on sequence with this book. Avast ye mateys, The Leaky Story is a fun experience to be had!

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