Thursday, March 9, 2017

Shh! My Brother's Napping

Shh! My Brother's Napping
written and illustrated by Ruth Ohi
2017 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

He's very noisy when he sleeps.
His mouth hangs open wide.
But Mommy has forbidden me
from putting things inside.

Life's not fair when your fussy younger sibling is finally asleep. The Rules triple during this time. Mom says you can't put anything in his mouth while he's asleep. How about the premiere performance of your pots n' pans orchestra? Are you kidding? Mom's not playing around when your brother is asleep. Painting and reading can be pretty passive pastimes to pass the time. Unless you're told not to paint your snoozing brother's face or you encounter a scary book that makes you run. What's a big brother to do? Play blocks. That's a quiet activity. Unless you build a big tower. And you have to stand on a pile of books that are on a chair that is on top of a box. What are the chances of that being a disaster? About 100 percent. On the bright side, your brother is now wide awake and you can play with him. Watch for the surprise ending that brings this enjoyable book full circle.

Being able to compare things is a big deal in life. It's an important skill for an elementary age learner. This book is a fun way to practice comparing. What big brother wants to do vs. what Mom wants him to do is a Venn diagram waiting to happen. The middle of the diagram could be how the two of them could compromise. Want to have a great discussion? Ask who's right here. Should the big brother have to be quiet or should Mom allow him to raise his normal ruckus? If you have iPads, your students could record their answers to this question. It would be a chance to teach how details support arguments as well. Don't fall asleep on the chance to procure this entertaining nap time adventure.

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