Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Search and Find Animals

Search and Find Animals
written by Libby Walden; illustrated by Fermin Solis
2017 (Silver Dolphin Books)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Under the opposite flap we hide,
Just use these pictures as a guide!

So when you open the book, you see two flaps. Like below:
The object of the book is for the reader to find those animals in the large scene that is below the two flaps. Yes, the pictures are charming and humorous and you probably picture a parent with a toddler on their knee looking inside the book. That's all well and good, but there are some sneaky deeper things going on here. Guess who is being introduced to the concept of biomes with this book? All of those animals naturally belong in that scene. Show your young learner a picture of a penguin and ask them why it doesn't fit in this scene. They may reply that penguins don't live on farms or that it is too warm in the picture. Another dropping of knowledge that's going on here? You're introducing adjectives. "What kind of donkey do you see?" When they answer "gray", that's using an adjective. Learning about using descriptors might help produce a stronger writer down the line. Want to work on motor skills? Children will be using their pointer finger to find animals in the large scene. Know what that's good practice for later? Reading. A pointer finger will come in quite handy in the near future of your little genius. Oh by the way, when you are looking for all of these items, you are also introducing a ton of vocabulary. Talk it up when sharing this book! 

The artwork in Search and Find Animals is brilliant in color and very engaging. Adults will enjoy the humor and appreciate that their child is having a great time finding the animals. 

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