Monday, March 20, 2017

High Frequency Word QR Code Bingo Game

When I was looking for ways to combine high frequency word study in K-1 with technology, I ran across an article on the Technology in Early Childhood blog. Using information from the article, I created a QR code bingo game that can be played using an iPad and a QR code scanner. Instead of audio files, I created video files. I would also recommend teachers create a video with directions that is linked to a QR code. Students can scan this code when they are not sure what to do. It keeps the activity independent for the student. Here are the directions for creating the game:

  1. You will need to shoot videos for the high frequency words that you want to use in this game. You can do this with your laptop. A fun idea would be to video faculty members saying the words. The videos only need to be 3-5 seconds long. After creating your videos, upload them to a Google Drive folder. Then, create a shareable link for each video and click "On-Anyone with the link". Once you have a shareable link, you can paste it into a QR code generator ( and create a QR code. You can download the QR code and print it for classroom use. I created 3x3 tables in Google Docs and placed the codes in the tables. For this game, I used 33 kindergarten high frequency words.
  2. Create several cards (I inserted 5x5 tables in a Google Doc) that have different combinations of words. 
  3. Print the QR codes, laminate them, and cut them out for student use. Place the codes in a basket. Students will pull a QR code and scan it to hear the high frequency word. They will mark on the board when they hear a high frequency word that matches one on their card. 

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