Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fresh-Picked Poetry

Fresh-Picked Poetry
written by Michelle Schaub; illustrated by Amy Huntington
2017 (Charlesbridge)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Join the party;
don't delay!
Come celebrate;
it's a market day!

Who doesn't like a farmer's market? Good food plus good people equals a good time. That good time is celebrated in this lively collection of poems. Like a farmer's market, you will find a great deal of variety here. First, there are several different forms of poems. Some have rhyme schemes like the second and fourth lines rhyming. Then you have Delightful Bites, where the words waft into the air like delicious smells. Necessary Mess, a poem celebrating dirt, has verses in groups of three with the first two lines rhyming. The battle between a green zebra tomato and dinosaur kale is a poem in two voices titled Wild Dreams in Two Voices. Why am I so happy about this? It shows young writers that all poetry doesn't look the same. There's a lot of wiggle room to use your creativity in crafting a poem. Plus, think about the different ways you can use these poems for fluency work. You could have an animated Reader's Theater with Wild Dreams in Two Voices or whole class shared readings. Lots of fun opportunities present themselves for enticing readers to practice. Another source of variety in Fresh-Picked Poetry are the topics of the poems. It's not just about the food. Market Melody is about a two person band which opens the door to onomatopoeia. Walking through that door is Antonio's Old-Time Sharpening  which features a knife sharpener who creates a "dizzy, whizzy whirr." I also appreciate the variety of people shown in the artwork. A farmer's market is a place where everyone can gather over good food so it's nice to see many different groups of people represented and shown conversing with one another.

Fresh-Picked Poetry is a choice crop of poems for your classroom.

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