Tuesday, January 17, 2017

100 Days of Real Food

100 Days of Real Food
written by Lisa Leake
2016 (William Morrow Books)
Source: My wife bought it.

I literally lost sleep over what to feed my kids if goldfish and fruit snacks were no longer options. But I felt compelled to figure it out and dove in headfirst.

Why write about an adult cookbook for a children's literature blog? Because the eating habits of children have never been more front and center in our consciousness. How do we improve a health crisis that seems to be getting worse? I can only tell how we're trying to do this in one tiny corner of the world. At the behest of my wife, we are 16 days into trying to cut processed food out of our lives. We're certainly not all the way there yet, but our use of this book has made a big difference. 100 Days of Real Food starts with the nuts and bolts of why and how to make these changes in your cooking and diet. Tips on what to buy at the grocery store and ideas for prep and storage are part of the beginning section titled Supermarket Staples and Secrets. One of the rules that has stuck out in my mind is Nothing out of a package that contains more than five ingredients. That's eliminated a lot of old favorites for me. The rest of the book contains easy to follow recipes that help you work toward the goal of eliminating processed foods from your diet. Here are two pictures of food that Traci has made from recipes in the book:
On the left is a steak and black bean chili. On the right, that's a chocolate topping for ice cream.

You will spend more time prepping food (the cheese grater is getting a workout), but it's well worth it. I hope we can continue this trend. We feel better and it has encouraged us to make other changes in our lives.

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