Sunday, December 18, 2016

Goodnight Everyone

Goodnight Everyone
written and illustrated by Chris Haughton
2016 (Candlewick Press)
Source: Orange County Public Library

"Well, I'm not sleepy," says Little Bear.

Everybody in the forest is tired. The sun is going down and it's time to catch some shut-eye. The mice are yawning. The hares are sighing and closing their eyes. Taking a last long breath, the deer are settling down for the night. Even Great Big Bear takes a great big stretch. Who isn't sleepy? Little Bear. His eyes are wide open in that "I just drank two energy drinks" way. So he marches off to ask the other animals if they want to play. There are no takers. The deer ask Little Bear if he isn't just a little bit tired. He isn't, but just a little bit later, he sighs. Then comes the long breath. With a hug and a kiss from Great Big Bear, finally everyone in the forest is asleep. Goodnight everyone.

I think Chris Haughton used all sixty-four colors in the box, and I am soooo grateful. He has won big time awards for his design work, and it shows in this book. You open to the title page and there are different shades of blue, green and purple with orange mixed in. That's where I audibly "oohed" and "ahhed". I love the shades of blue with Great Big Bear and Little Bear. So the artwork is wonderful, but there is also what I would like to believe is some subtle text work by Mr. Haughton that aids a parent reading this at bedtime. You know how if someone near you yawns, you tend to yawn? That is called contagious yawning. Well, in this book every creature in the forest is yawning. Don't you think that's going to help your cause as you read this book to your child? The only drawback is that you may be too tired after reading the book and putting your little tyke to bed. Nevertheless, Goodnight Everyone should be one of your go-to books for bedtime.

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