Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wee Gallery: Farm and Jungle Slide and Play Books

Slide and Play Books
2016 (QEB Publishing)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

I am a BIG cat.
I have STRIPY fur.
I like to HIDE.
Who am I?

First of all, I like the one bright color against the black and white. That's a striking image to me. When you open this board book, on the left is a page with three short sentences and a question. Now obviously, with the animal on the other side, this isn't exactly your first choice for predicting. But what you can do is make this pattern into a game with a very young reader. After finishing reading, you can create more clues and see if the child can guess. Kind of like I Spy. On the right side of the spread is a picture with three slides that can be manipulated to make the image of an animal. Toddlers can also play with the slides to make funny off-center pictures. There are four pictures in this board book, a tiger, a parrot, a monkey, and a snake.

One of the surprising uses of these slide and play books would be to focus on parts of speech. The author capitalizes words in each sentence. With second graders, you could ask about the part of speech for each capitalized word and then ask them to recreate the page with synonyms for the capitalized words. Kindergarten students could read this book and then write their own riddles in a journal. Then they could share them with a friend to see if they could guess the animal. You could even use the pictures to ask what geometric terms are visible. No reason to be bored with this new series of board books.

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