Sunday, November 6, 2016

Scribble and Author

Scribble and Author
written and illustrated by Miri Leshem-Pelly
2016 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Wow, Author, you've created a beautiful beginning! Where do I go next?

Scribble, a spot of color with a necklace and boots, and her creator start their relationship off nicely. Author paints a serene tropical scene as the beginning of the story and Scribble approves of this choice. Author explains that Scribble will go on a journey and asks what she would like to do. Looking to make a friend, Scribble walks to a hole in the illustration that leads to the middle of the story. Seeing a monster, she scurries back to the beginning. Author explains that journeys have challenges. Bravely, Scribble walks to the middle and defeats the monster with an eraser. Her next challenge is the River of Questions which of course, prompts her to ask several questions. Borrowing a piece of paper from Author, she sails across the river only to arrive at The Mountain of Challenge. Once again, Scribble problem solves using one of her creator's tools. With two pencil shavings as wings, she flies to the top of the mountain. When you've reached the top of the mountain, there's only one direction to go. And go Scribble does, racing down the Slope of Fears being chased by a roll of tape like Indiana Jones and a boulder. Will she find a friend after all of these challenges?

So, so, clever is this story! This is a terrific way to introduce young readers to how narratives work. I can easily see using this as a template for writing a story. You could even create a River of Questions on a wall and place possible questions on it and also have a Mountain of Challenges. I would follow a couple of readings of this text with a shared writing. Maybe a Scribble story with different challenges. So many teaching possibilities with this wonderful book!

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