Sunday, November 27, 2016

Paint Me a Picture

Paint Me a Picture
written by Emily Bannister; illustrated by Holly Hatam
2016 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Paint me the blue sea to sail on far and wide.
Paint me a pink dress to twirl in with pride. 

Think about how color influences your feelings. When you wake up, you look out your window to see a soft yellow-orange color or gray. Open your closet. What are you going to wear today? Something bright or a more muted professional look? Or if you're me, khaki pants. Monday through Friday. My point is color is an underrated mood agent. Paint Me a Picture gets this. On each two page spread, you have a feature color, an action influenced by the color, and adjectives in script that correlate with the color. It starts with the three primary colors and then goes to secondary colors. For example, red is represented by a young girl being pulled through the air by giant red balloons. Adjectives on the spread include passionate, bold, courageous, and dangerous. The illustration captures your eyes since there are no colors, other than black as an outline, to compete with the highlighted color. The combination of the illustration with the adjectives is an nice one-two punch.

This is a great way to teach color words. Instead of just being an empty label on a card, the word is infused with a personality. Students can make connections to the word with the adjectives. "Yes, yellow does make me happy." They can add on other words inspired by the color. Green or blue could be accompanied by cool. A delightful palette of playfulness!

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