Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pug Meets Pig

Pug Meets Pig
written by Sue Lowell Gallion; illustrated by Joyce Wan
2016 (Beach Lane Books)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

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Pug is happy here at home, with his bowl, his yard, and his bed.
But one day when the door opens...

It's nice to have your own space. My daughters hole up in their rooms. I have a table in the study with books piled up in stacks. Most of us have a little corner of the world that belongs exclusively to us. And we like it that way. So does Pug. He has his own bowl. Pug reports to work each day in his yard where he digs holes that are his. At night, Pug sleeps with his pillow in his dog house that has a shingled roof  and a flower box. All is right with the world. Until it isn't. One day, Pig, wearing a blue shirt and a yellow collar, rolls out the door and invades Pug's space. Pig eats Pug's food. Pig makes friends with the cat that is Pug's mortal enemy. All of this makes Pug tired so he decides to take a nap. Until he doesn't. Pig is sleeping in his house and on his pillow! How dare Pig do this! What's a dog to do? Pack up his belongings and move to a new space. But lo and behold, a new addition changes everything. A doggy door has been installed. Now Pug can eat and sleep inside. All is well. Until it isn't. Poor Pig wants to come inside too, but can only get a head through the doggy door. Will Pug be delighted at Pig's dilemma or will he lend a paw?

Look at the cover. The cute-o-meter goes to eleven. The rest of the book is just as adorable, but don't let all the charm fool you. Inside, there is an opportunity to talk to our youngest readers about sharing and meeting the needs of others. It's okay to have your own stuff, but it's great to share too which is the message that Pug seems to learn here. There are also opportunities with this book to work on problem/solution, using expression in oral reading, and cause and effect. I have some rules in life that have served me well. One of those rules is always read a book that features a pug wearing a red polka dotted bow tie. Always.

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